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Murphy North Carolina Real Estate

Murphy Waterfront properties

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Homes | Cabins | Lots and Property
Homes | Cabins | Lots and Property

Murphy North Carolina Real Estate is surrounded by  beautiful mountain views, wonderful hiking and fishing, and its small town charm. Murphy is a centrally located mountain getaway, just a short drive from Asheville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. Murphy is located at the meeting place of the Hiwassee and Valley Rivers.

All four seasons can be experienced in Murphy N.C. Those living in Murphy enjoy a crisp and colorful fall. The beautiful fall is followed by a short winter with a few chances to stay inside near a warm fire, watching the snow leave a dusting over the mountains. Many visitors love taking scenic drives in the spring to see the colorful flowers and lush greenery. The summer is equally popular, with people flocking to nearby lakes and rivers to take a dip in the cool water.

Murphy has historical roots that date back to the 1830s. During the Trail of Tears, the United States Government built Fort Butler in what is now Murphy. The John C Campbell Folk School draws many to the area who are interested in the Appalachian culture. Located just outside of Murphy in Brasstown, NC, the school offers classes for adults in craft, art, music, dance, cooking, gardening, nature studies, photography and writing. The school also offers weekly concerts, on most Friday nights. Murphy also offers a variety of restaurants, ranging from casual hang-outs to fine dining establishments. The first Friday of every month from March to October, the Shoppes of Murphy have a live band performing. Other events include “Dance Night” and wine tastings. Residents and visitors of Murphy love the relaxed, laid back and friendly atmosphere that the town has to offer.